CONFAPI, the Italian Confederation of small and medium-sized industrial companies, was founded in 1947 and today it represents the interests of over 94,000 manufacturing enterprises, with 900.000 employees.

CONFAPI works with means and objectives that reflect the management philosophy of an SME. In fact, human resources in small and medium-sized enterprises are more enhanced than in large firms, through closer collaboration and professional activity closest to entrepreneurship. The peculiarity of the interests and methods of small and medium-sized companies’ development is a wealth of the Italian productionsystem: adaptability and flexibility are the salient qualities of the Italian company, a reference model for
other countries.

CONFAPI in more than sixty years of history, has contributed to the development of SMEs, supporting them in all of the choices imposed by the changing economic horizons.

CONFAPI is a recognised social partner and acts through the representation of identity, interests and expectations of small and medium-sized manufacturing of the Italian economy. In order to perform this function – which includes measures of consultation, planning and programming in political and other technical bodies – CONFAPI is present with own representatives in a variety of institutions, organizations and bodies of the Italian public administration. It has local and regional associate organisations in all 20
Italian regions, and is since 2013 a member of CEA-PME.

CONFAPI is in principle aimed at promoting the development and the key role of its Member Enterprises and, through them, the whole economic context of Italy. CONFAPI has been involved in many different EU project in the VET areas the last years – also projects supporting youngsters, disabled and foreigners in the workplace.

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